Windows and Mac Reinstall

Giving a new life to your computer by replacing the Corrupted Software on your computer with brand new professional installation!

What’s Involved?

  • Backup all Data (if going for the Full Reinstall with Backup Option)
  • Format the Hard Drive (delete everything from the computer)
  • Install Windows
  • Install Device Drivers
  • Install Service Packs
  • Install Windows Security Updates from Microsoft’s Website
  • Install Free Anti Virus program
  • Install Nero
  • Install Acrobat Reader latest version
  • Re-establish Internet Connection
  • Test Sound and Speakers
  • Physically Clean the computer inside out
  • Setup your Printer
  • Setup your Scanner, Web-cam etc.
  • Setup Email


  • Professional Setup
  • Secure and reliable
  • Software issues fixed

How long does it take?

It takes 5 to 7 hours, therefore, best done at our workshop

When do I get my computer back?: Standard Turnaround Time: 2 Business days

Priority Service Fee:(24 hour Turnaround): $CALL

Call for details


Data Backup

With the Full Reinstall Service alone, hard drive is re-formatted, you will lose all data on your hard Drive. If the data, like documents and photos is important to you, we can save it for you. If the hard drive is in working condition, you will not lose any data. However, programs will need to be installed again.

Memory Upgrade

The more the amount of memory (RAM) your computer has, the faster it runs. The higher the RAM, the better. Please ask the technician to recommend how much more RAM your computer can handle and what will be the cost of memory upgrade.

Additional Information

Hardware problems are not covered by this service. This service is only to replace the software on your computer. While installing software, if any hardware problem is discovered, we will notify you the cost of fixing the hardware. We will also provide you with an option on purchasing a new/used computer. If you choose not to go ahead with the full-reinstall or the other options, a charge of $88 is still applicable.

Although, we take maximum care of your data, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of Data

Warranty: 7 Days on labour only. We take responsibility that the above listed software installed by Reliable Computers will work properly after installation. If you find any problems, please notify us within 7 days. After 7 days, we cannot be held responsible if any software doesn’t work as desired. Also, we cannot be held responsible for any Virus, Spyware or issues caused by software that is installed by the client themselves at a later date.

Please note that this service doesn’t include the cost of any software. All Software must be either supplied by the client or purchased separately. If any specific software is installed prior to this service, you must provide us with the software CD’s compatible to the new version of Windows.

What do you need to do?

Software CD’s: To minimize the installation time, please keep the Software CD’s handy for your Printer, Scanner, Web-cam, Motherboard, Device Drivers, Internet connection CD’s and the software for any other devices attached to your computer.

Passwords: We will need your Email Address & Password + Username and Password for your Internet connection and Email

If you are not sure, please ring up your Internet Service Provider and get these details before we come for installation. This will save you time and money