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4 Reasons for Using a Professional Network Support Service

These days, computers networks have become an integral part of most businesses. Businesses need to share files and information between computers in the office and place of work. People need to collaborate between remote locations as well through these systems. Often, we take things for granted, when the system is working smoothly at least. But we don’t realize that a lot of hard work and technologies go beyond all this. Business can suffer greatly when things go wrong. Network support professionals can come here to solve the issue. Reliable Computers offers network support in Hurstville, Sydney.

Sometimes businesses will hire a full-time network professional for the job. But you should know that there are several advantages of going with an outside professional network support service. Here are some of the major reasons for doing this.

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Professional Expertise

The #1 reason for hiring a network support firm is because of their professional expertise. They are doing this every day because it’s their business. And naturally, they will always try to hire the best personnel available, because business success depends on this. Good firms like Reliable Computers go for qualified engineers who have the right mix of skills and experience for dealing with any network issues. The engineers working with such firms have come across almost every possible situation. So they will know what to do in them. For you this means, your problem is going to be solved quicker.

Quick Service

This is a “must”. These days’ businesses depend so much on computers and networks that they cannot afford downtime. And these are not just your IT companies. For instance, even a pizza store network will have to depend on such systems for taking and processing orders and managing deliveries. So if there’s a problem, then the network support service should be able to help you really fast. Always work with a firm that offers immediate service. Here at our network support in Hurstville business, we offer same day service. You save time and reduce your downtime.


Is the service reliable? Can you trust the promises they make? It’s important that you are able to trust them because they are going to have access to your computers and systems, where you might have stored critical data and business information. So be very careful always about whom you select. Here at Reliable Computers, we have been offering MAC repair in Hurstville, computer repairs services in Peakhurst and more for several years now. We serve big and small businesses and individuals too.

Cost Effectiveness

Yes you want good service, but you don’t want to spend a fortune for network support. But some businesses that offer quick service will charge you a lot of money. We will offer you online support wherever possible to reduce your costs. Our prices are less than most vendors as well. Try us. You will see that we don’t charge all that much, but yet offer the finest service.

Over several years, we have served hundreds of customers across various industries. Please check the testimonials we have received.


Tips and Suggestions for MAC Repair

MAC computers have stylish designs and attractive features. However they can be complicated machines. And sometimes like the other machines, these computers break down too. They might stop working altogether, or there can be an issue that can cause other problems. To carry out MAC repair yourself, you’ll obviously need to be knowledgeable about these computers. If you have people at work who know about computer repairs, then you can ask them to take a look as well. But remember, MAC’s are different. What you need is a person who has specific MAC knowledge. It can be risky otherwise. And of course, you can afford to take a chance because the MAC computer is costlier. It’s always best that you approach a professional for your MAC repairing, upgrading or servicing requirements.

Here at Reliable Computers, we carry out MAC repair in Hurstville in Sydney. We have been providing expert advice and support for Apple Mac systems at home, carrying out repairs and upgrades of new Mac setups, transferring data from old to new systems or wireless network setup in Sydney.

Reliable Computers is an Apple Mac Authorised Repairer. Over the years, we have served hundreds of businesses of all sizes across many industries and individuals too. You can try us too for MAC repair in Hurstville. Check out the testimonials and awards we have received. We can do it all, whether it’s a MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone or any other of the apple products.

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Common Tips for Trouble Shooting

  1. You try to power on your MAC, but nothing happens – This could be due to a malfunction in its power supply. It could be an issue with the battery as well or something isn’t working in the logic board. These problems can be fixed easily by someone experienced. Try a new power supply if the one you have is busted. 
  1. Isolation method – You can use this method always if you are knowledgeable about the operations of individual devices in your computer. Here, you’ll have to remove one device at a time and note its impact on the operation. If it begins to work, then the device you have detached was responsible for the improper functioning. 
  1. A slow computer – MAC computers are very fast. However this doesn’t mean that they won’t slow down occasionally. If you find that your MAC is responding slowly, it could be an issue of insufficient RAM. The solution is easy here. You will just have to add some RAM to get back to speed. You can also consider upgrading the system’s software. This is going to enhance the speed as well. 

However the truth is that, there can be many issues that you cannot solve yourself. That’s when you need to approach an expert vendor, like Reliable Computers. There is no shame in asking for professional help when it is genuinely needed. Remember, we are an Apple Mac Authorised Repairer. Plus, we offer IT consulting in Peakhurst, network support in Hurstville and much more.


4 Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

We all want our computers to run quick. They do run quickly. But sometimes, it may seem that something is holding the machine back. The process at the backend is taking too long to complete. This is a typical “slow computer syndrome”. But the good news is that, you can speed it up.

Our computer repairs services in Peakhurst can help you immensely here. We offer same day service. We will look into the matter and see what the problem is, and then rectify it. However in the meantime, we suggest you do the following.

Tip #1 – Use the Defrag Tool

Clean up your computer by using it’s defrag tool.

The hard drive is quite empty when you buy the computer. But it begins to fill up as you add files and applications. With more and more data going in, the computer will take longer to access it. By deleting some of these files and programs you don’t need, you’ll be creating small empty spaces. The computer can reuse these spaces. After a while, your computer will be breaking up the files into small pieces and storing them in several places in the hard drive. It can keep track of them all and bring them together when you need them. However it’s going to take a while to do this, and as a result, the process is going to slow down the computer. Defragging helps here.

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Tip #2 – Free Up Disk Space

You can make it run smoothly by freeing up disk space. Use the disk cleanup tool in Windows for this. It identifies files that can be deleted safely without any problems. You can then choose whether you want some of these identified files to be deleted or not.

Tip #3 – Find and Repair Disk Errors

Here at our IT consulting in Peakhurst firm, we highly recommend that you find and repair disk errors as well. Run your Error Checking utility to check for the integrity of your files.

There will be some bad sectors in your computer when you are using it, and they are going to slow down the performance of your hard disk. Sometimes data writing (like file saving) can become difficult, and even impossible as well. The utility is going to scan the file systems to locate errors to find out whether some folders or files are misplaced.

Tip #4 – Get Rid Of Spyware

You may not know it, but if you are online a lot, then your computer might have quite a bit of spyware and adware. That’s because, it gets installed silently in the background without alert even as you are working. Sometimes this can be dangerous. This can steal your data and cause identity theft. But usually, this is going to slow down your machine.

Reliable Computers can help you do all this and much more. Get in touch with our computer repairs services in Peakhurst and we will do it all for you so that you can get peak performance from your computer. We provide anti-virus help, cloud computing, email and internet setup, PC cleanup, backup/storage, spam filtering, and more.