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Top 4 Most Common Computer Problems

If you have used a computer, whether it’s a desktop or laptop, then you have surely faced problems. Most people believe that a computer’s life is about three or four years, or even less sometimes. Not necessarily. It can easily last for up to 6 years or even more, provided of course you are taking good care of it. If you can extend its life, it would save you a lot of money of course.

Here are some common computer problems in Hurstville and elsewhere people face.

Problem #1 – Slow Performance

This is the most common problem most people face. A new computer is lightning fast. But it can begin to slow down soon enough. There are many reasons for this, for the #1 has got to be poor maintenance. Spyware, programs you don’t need, corrupted registry, and fragmented data can make your computer crawl. Just cleaning up the registry can speed it up by 30%. Ask for PC and laptop support in Hurstville from Reliable Computers for speeding up your system.

Problem #2 –Freezes, Lockup and Blue Screens

This is a more serious matter. You’ll have to diagnose to find the cause. But you should know that usually this happens because of some spyware. Run the anti-spyware program every day. But it might so happen that your computer comes out clean after the scan, even though the anti-spyware program is updated. This does not mean that your computer is free of these devious things. Ask for spyware and malware removal from Reliable Computers. This company will use advanced programs to completely clean your system. All computer problems in Hurstville will be solved.

Computer problems Hurstville

Problem #3 –Computer Reboots or Turns Itself Off

This is usually an issue with the hardware. Probably the power supply is about to die. It can also be caused because of a defective or dirty cooling fan. Your computer will try to cool itself by switching off automatically. You might want to try cleaning the fan yourself or ensuring that it’s working properly. Do also check the power supply. However these jobs are best left to experts, because they are doing such things every day. A trained and experienced professional can detect these computer problems in Hurstville immediately and fix it. Not only will you save time, you’ll also save a lot of hassles.

Problem #4 –Strange Vibrations and Noises

You can be almost certain that this is an issue with the hardware. There are thousands of parts within your computer, and one of them could have come out. The wires can expand because of overheating and melt. Electronic components can cause high pitch noises like whining or squealing.

Those who are not trained in hardware should never remove the case to investigate, whether it’s a small issue or a more serious one. The warranty goes immediately if an unauthorized person opens it. Ask for PC support in Hurstville from Reliable Computers. All your computer problems in Hurstville will be investigated thoroughly and solved quickly.