Backup Options

Implement Back-up and Storage Solutions to avoid Data Disasters


As important it is for your company to file tax returns periodically, just as important it is to take periodic data back-ups in a timely manner. The losses that you may incur on losing critical data cannot be calculated in any terms. And then, there is no point in ‘crying over the lost milk’. You need ‘prevention’ here, and not ‘cure’!


Reliable Computers is a well-known IT Support Services company, offering various managed IT services with regards to enterprise data backup and storage. Being in the industry for a long time, we have a qualified team of IT Technicians, who are updated with the latest backup technologies suitable for companies. Read through to see how we can provide you with quality IT Support:


  • Cloud Backup Solutions – You can enable implement cloud backup as a good strategy to maintain your data in a secured storage space outside your in-house network. Our experts can help you create an off-site server using the cloud services of third-part providers. This option can be scaled extensively to meet your demanding backup requirements, at a very reasonable price.
  • Network Attached Storage – A file-level data storage hub is attached to computer networks that give access to various users. A robust backup solution, NAS handles all functions of a file server, with a specialization in doing so either by the virtue of hardware, software, or configuration. It is a high-end computer build specifically for storage purposes, thus taking off the load from your existing network.
  • Backup Software:Reliable Computers can help you configure various data backup software solutions such as Windows Backup, Shadow Protect, and Acronis. These back-up solutions assist you in taking easy backups, scheduling them for you, while also ensuring disaster recovery if a situation arises. Safe copies of your critical files can be created using these software, which you can transfer to external storage devices at any point of time. These are ideal solutions for small and medium scale operations.


Consult our IT Consultants today to find out how we can tailor these services for your custom needs.