New features from Dropbox Professional

Have you ever thought how much productivity was lost in the time spent deciding which files to delete and what to keep because your computer’s hard disk ran out of space? With the new Dropbox plan, you will never have to worry about running out of hard disk space again. Keep reading to see why.

Don’t worry about storage space

The days have passed since you need to delete, restore or rearrange the files stored on your hard drive because there is not enough space. Dropbox has recently introduced a new plan, Dropbox Professional, which is aimed at professionals and self-employed businessmen. And it comes with a new feature called Smart Sync.

Smart synchronization allows you to select any file or folder saved in your computer’s Dropbox folder and sends it to the cloud to free up your hard disk space.

The good thing about this feature is that all the “online-only” files and folders will still be visible on your desktop, which allows convenient access. You can easily view your files and folders from your computer, rename, delete or view it, just like you can for regular files.

It also comes with many additional features, such as technical sharing controls that include remote device wipe, password-protected shared link and expiration, detailed viewer history and priority support with the Dropbox Support Team.

Let’s welcome Showcase

Another exciting feature of Dropbox Professional is Showcase. Instead of organizing your files in a traditional folder, now you can arrange them on a “branded page” with customized layouts, captions, visual preview and show them to the world. This PowerPoint-like page is a great tool for designers, marketers, or any entrepreneurs who want to present their work to potential clients.

You can also see who viewed your file, as well as how they might have interacted with it (e.g., by downloading and/or commenting whatever work your share).

Any type of file can be shown on Showcase except video files which, for now, can be presented only as a static image. Dropbox will roll out a support for this soon. And the good news is: Showcase doesn’t take up your Dropbox space.


$19.99 a month or $199 a year is the price you have to pay for Dropbox Professional and its extras. The plan comes with 1TB storage and allows you to recover old versions or restore deleted files from the last 120 days.

Let’s see whether the new Dropbox plan can compete with other cloud-storing products in the market, including, which costs only $15 a month (but has fewer features).

Using productivity apps is one way to help you become more efficient. But there are also many other ways in which technology can help improve your efficiency. Why not contact our IT team today? Our staff knows how to turn technology to your advantage, and they’ll be more than happy to talk to you!


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