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Configuring Internet Connections – Quick and Secure

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Now all your troubles in setting up robust and secure internet connections are gone! Reliable Computers offers its IT Support and Managed Services to set-up various types of internet connections and networks from an office point of view. We study your company’s bandwidth requirement and assist you in selection the best-suited option for you. Once the connection is available, we quickly come to your facility and configure the internet. Our IT technicians are well versed in setting up the below mentioned connections:


  • ADSL / 2 – With ADSL2 / 2+ networks have a download speed which is 2 times that of ADSL, with data transfer rates being 24 Mbit per second down and up to 1.4 Mbit per sec up, as per the distance between the service provider and end-users.
  • Broadband – With Broadband Cable, you can access the internet through a cable modem at your facility or even a wireless modem, but the speeds might not match that of an ADSL connection.
  • Wireless 3G/4G – With the infusion of 3G and 4G technologies around the globe, its time even you adapt this higher generation of standards to speed up things and benefit your operations.


With our services made available for small and medium enterprise in the Penhurst, Peakhurst, Hurstville etc areas, you can contact us to understand how we can help you keep you internet connection strong and continual.