How to speed up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most favorite web browsers across the world. Not like its competitors that take forever to load because of their media-heavy landing pages, Chrome is a simple browser that runs at top speed. But, like any expandable browser that permits features and extensions to be installed, Chrome can slow down because of the extra weight. If you’re experiencing very slow Chrome performance, use these handy tricks to speed up your browser again.

Clear your browsing data

Chrome stores a cached copy of a website you visit, so it can load the page quicker when you visit it again. It also stores a database of your browsing history and cookies for the same purpose. As you visit more and more web pages, these pieces of data accumulate in Chrome and can slow the browser down.

Gratefully, the solution to this is easy: clear your cache. To do this, simply go to your browsing history by entering chrome://history on your address bar. From the left panel, choose Clear browsing data. Select which data will be deleted by clicking on the checkboxes of all items you want to delete, like cached images or cookies. You can also choose the time range that will be affected by the deletion. You can erase your history for the past hour, the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, the last 4 weeks, or from the beginning of time. After selecting the files you want to delete and their corresponding time range, click Clear data.

Remove ads and malware

Sometimes, Chrome runs slow because of malware or adware extensions. Extra toolbars, recurring pop-up ads, and web pages redirecting to other web addresses are clear indications of these. Google once had a downloadable application developed for Chrome that scans and removes unwanted programs called the Clean Up Tool. In 2018, Google discontinued that application and made malware scanning even easier.

Go to chrome://settings/cleanup on your browser, and click on Find to find and delete harmful software on your computer.

Disable extensions

Extensions are downloadable programs from the Chrome Web Store that you can add to your browser to get more functionality and a personalized touch. For instance, you can add an extension that blocks ads, one that shortens URLs, or one that shows you the most important tasks of the day. While these extensions are useful and handy, they can slow Chrome down when there are too many installed at once.

Most extensions will be added on Chrome’s address bar, and you can easily uninstall them by right-clicking on their icons and selecting Remove from Chrome. You can even manage all extensions by typing chrome://extensions on your browser and hitting Enter. From there, you’ll see a list of all the extensions you have (even those you don’t remember installing). Simply scroll through the list and click Remove to delete the extensions you don’t want.

A top-performing web browser welfares your business in many ways, including upping employees’ productivity and speedy communication processes. If your web browser is performance is poor or takes forever to load a page, don’t think twice to get in touch with us so we can recognize and fix the issue right away.

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