One-on-One Computer Training Service

Many people have stated to us over the years how little benefit they have received from going to Intensive Group Computer Courses. Individual ability and aptitude cannot be monitored or catered for properly in Group Tuition. This frustrates participants as tuition is too fast for some or too slow for others, consequently, everyone loses out and does not get Value for Money.

You tell us what you would like to learn and whether you’d prefer to learn from your Home / Office
We will:

Provide you with one-on-one training on topics of your choice.

Provide you with Written Step by Step Instructions.Suggestions include:

  • I want some tips on using the Internet and email to stay in touch
  • Learn how to Use Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook
  • Show me how to capture, email and print my digital photographs
  • Learn how to use business-related software like MYOB, QuickBooks, and Quicken etc.
  • Show me how to download and listen to Music on my iPod or Computer.
  • Anything related to computers, gadgets and technology.