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Ato Ransomware

Beware of malware and ransomware

Cybercriminals use a variety of ways to trick you into clicking on links or opening attachments that install malware or ransomware on your computer systems. These criminals may even pose as potential clients.

The malware or ransomware allows them to access your files or block you from accessing your files until you pay a ransom. Paying the ransom does not guarantee you access or that scammers will not demand more money.


To help protect your practice, use the following tips:

  • do not open attachments or click on links in unsolicited or unfamiliar emails, SMS or social media messages
  • ensure your computer security systems are up to date with anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • use a firewall to block unauthorised access
  • secure your wireless network and remote accesses
  • do not allow thumb drives or other removable media to be plugged into your network unless trusted and checked for viruses
  • maintain regular physical backups kept separate from your network
  • only visit reputable websites.


Apple iOS Devices Vulnerable to Image Based Malware

AppleRansomCisco researchers have discovered vulnerability in the way that Mac devices process image formats.  TIFF image files are data rich and typically used by publishers or designers, unfortunately, these images can contain more than just image data.  Because of how Apple processes image data, TIFF files can be used to run malware automatically, without being detected.

While TIFF images impose the greatest risk from this vulnerability, the Cisco researcher stress that it is not exclusive to that file format. OpenEXR, Digital Asset Exchange file format XML files, and BMP images are also vulnerable to the exploit.  The problem stems from the way that many applications bundled into the Apple operating systems use and display data.  iMessage for example, a basic instant messaging app, automatically attempts to render images once they are received.  Since large format image files are designed to contain more than just pixel information, it is possible to conceal links and executables within them.  Once received, the malware contained within these images can activate even without the users consent.

The remote code execution vulnerability has been shown to effect iOS, Mac OS X, tvOS and WatchOS.  The good news is that Apple is already aware of the vulnerability and has issues patches to address the issue.  All Apple device users should upgrade to the latest versions of their operating systems – iOS 9.3.3, El Capitan 10.11.6, tvOS 9.2.2 and watchOS 2.2.2 – to stay safe.

– Richard Keene

IT Computer Support of New York

Webmaster and Lead Designer


Small Business and Home IT Support Pagewood

Computer Laptop Repair Services Pagewood

Reliable Computers does it all, repairssupport and all services related to computers. Our company is manned by the finest technicians around with a total of 25 years’ experience in the IT industry.

Reliable Computers offers business owners and residential customers a one-call solution for all of their computer needs.  We also offer IT Consulting Services to better handle your IT needs and show you how you can use the latest technology to maximise the productivity.

Computer Repairs, Service and training support are just a phone call away. We have a shop front that offers both drop-off and onsite repair services, which allows our clients the flexibility to find a computer support SOLUTION that works best for their needs.

Our technicians are Microsoft Certified & fully trained to match with your needs to provide excellent services. Because a high skill and knowledge level is needed to stay abreast of this constantly changing field we only employ Certified Computer Technicians so you can be sure your systems are being repaired by knowledgeable professionals.

We specialise in the following computer services in Pagewood:

  • Business IT Support
  • Onsite computer Support
  • Managed IT Services
  • Computer Networking
  • Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Apple Repair
  • IT Services
  • Computer Services
  • IT Solutions
  • IT Consultant
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Internet Setup
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Remote Access Computer Support
  • Computer Training

Why choose us for your IT Support ?

  • Specialised in small business & home IT support
  • Fast action for urgent Computer and Laptop Repairs
  • On-demand and Remote Support available
  • Certified Experienced Technicians
  • Friendly Professional Service
  • Same Day Support
  • Fast, Reliable & Affordable
  • Sales, Service & Upgrade of all Major Brands

Redshitlineindia virus ransomware decrpytion

How we got our files Decrypted by Virus Ransomware

Our client’s server was infected by Virus Ransomware and all most of the files were encrypted.

This happened on a 4 day long-weekend, all 4 backups were encrypted, no shadow volume or restore point. Tried everything we could find on the Internet without any luck. Finally decided to email the hackers ( with an encrypted file attached.

Got a reply back in few hours with the decrypted file attached and the following email:

Hello! Your files have been encrypted with cryptographic algorithm!
We suggest you purchase a decoder which
decrypt all your files in a fully automatic mode on the same day after
payment! (You not need to send any files to us). As we can guarantee – we can
decrypt files for free (2-3 total weight <= 5mb). For warranty
decryption (if required) you should send to us archived
test files in the response letter (even if you did it before).
The cost of the decoder: 5 bitcoins (BTC).

Payment instructions:

1. Go to
2. Register (sign up)

3. You need to buy Bitcoins from people. (You can pay with any method,
which is convenient to you)

4. Send purchased Bitcoins to our address listed below. If you have any questions, you can contact support this service, or email us.

Our Bitcoin wallet: 11111111111111111111111111111111111111

The guarantee to decrypt.
1) I give decrypted files for you, and you see – I have decrypter.
2) Making personal decoder for you – it takes just 3-5 minutes. After payments – everyone gets a personal decoder without exception.

Write if you have any questions about the case. There is no bidding, requests to give free decoder and other unnecessary questions – will be ignored.

According to the amount payable. Price for this day – 5 bitcoins, it will be relevant for two days, starting from you wrote to me. After spending two days – the price of the decoder will increase every day on 1 Bitcoin.

It mean, for example, after 4 days from the time you contact me, if you still have not paid the decoder – the amount will be 7 bitcoins. (except for two days without a price penalty)


We tried to negotiate with but they didn’t budge.

We created a bitcoins account to buy the bitcoins for the first time. We thought it will be as easy as paying someone and buying the bitcoins by one bank transfer.

To our surprise we had to prove that we are genuine people buying to buy the bitcoins in a legit way. We had to email out drivers licence, Medicare card and photo clicked in different angles. Also hold a paper with the reference number and the amount being transferred.

We end up buying 2.5 bitcoins from one guy and 2.5 from the other as could buy maximum of 2.8 in the first go (it does increase after your first purchase though). Most of the seller’s prefer cash deposit in the their account, but we were looking for sellers who will accept bank transfer. Took us 2 days to get all 5 bitcoins.

Transferred 5 bitcoins in wallet address provided in the email. Emailed them informing about the transfer. We got the following reply back:
Its your decrypter. Just press the button “Scan PC” and wait for the scan to finish, then send me the key, which you will see on this basis – I’ll make you another key. When I send you – your personal key, you press the button – “Decrypt…”, enter your personal key, and click “OK”. Ticks – no need to clean up.
You need to remove the virus from your PC after decryption. Download any anti-virus and scan all your PC, and remove it. I advice you – DR.Web Cure IT. Waiting for key!


We followed the instructions and emailed the key as requested. We got the following reply back in few hours:

Ah, see, we have statistics for each computer, my boss said – that the information on the computer is estimated at more than 10 Bitcoins. He said to tell you that we can sell you the decryption key – just for 4 Bitcoins. If you want to buy – send this amount on my Bitcoin – if not, I am sorry, because the boss checked the value of your files and does not allow me to send key now.
– it’s your personal key for decrypter.
If you want to pay 4 BTC – I send the password for archive with key – instantly after payment.
Sorry, I can not go against my boss, coz I lose my job. I do not have to do with the money that you send us, I do not have access to them, I am working on the payroll as well as you, and I do not care how much money you send, I have from this nothing, but the boss does not allow to send the key for such a small sum, arguing that checked your computer at our statistics via your ip address – the number of encrypted files, and said that there is information on more than 10 Bitcoins, but will sell to you for 4 Bitcoins decoder, since you already paid for earlier, and we do not want to put you in an awkward position. If you are going to pay – write to me. Price 4 BTC will be available today. Its one way to get decrypter, have money – you will get it.


We were fuming after reading that email, first of all we have paid a lot of money to decrypt the files and now they want more. Secondly if we pay them again what’s the guarantee wont ask for more later. We had no other choice but to pay them.

We had to go through the same exercise of buying more bitcoins, proving your identity to the seller. We paid them and informed about the transfer. We got the following email back:

Ok, I see.
Do it again:
It’s your decrypter. Just press the button “Scan PC” and wait for the scan to finish, then send me the key, which you will see on this basis – I’ll make you another key. When I send you – your personal key, you press the button – “Decrypt…”, enter your personal key, and click “OK”. Ticks – no need to clean up.
You need to remove the virus from your PC after decryption. Download any anti-virus and scan all your PC, and remove it. I advice you – DR.Web Cure IT. Waiting for key!
PLEASE, write under message: (I make 2 payments), thanks!


So we followed the instructions and emailed the key again mentioning that its our second payment. Got a reply the next day with the decryption key. We were a bit sceptical whether the decryption key is going to work to not. Left it running overnight and success in the morning. All the files were decrypted and readable again.

We formatted the Hard Drive and installed all the Programs and made sure that the files were clean before we reloaded them on the server

After $5400 they were back in business.

The moral of the story is: To backup often, keep multiple copies and have a strong backup solution.


Vineet Gurmukhani

Reliable Computers



Want Windows 8 to look like Windows 7 ?

If you have a Windows 8 laptop or desktop and you’re not happy with it, we can help: this is our most popular solution.

Reliable Computers Windows 8 Start Menu

Get a Start menu add-on
Another InfoWorld review written by Serdar Yegulalp has enjoyed a surge of traffic since the holidays: “9 Windows Start menus for Windows 8.” Yes, these add-ons bring the Windows Start menu back to Windows 8, which you can use in place of the Modern UI.

In fact, most of these Start menu apps enable you to log in directly to the desktop and bypass the Modern UI entirely. Four come very close to restoring the Search functionality of the Start menu as well, according to the review. There are a number of different styles, but most of the Start menu apps are free and none cost more than a few bucks, so you can download and test-drive until you find one you really like.

Remember, people who say “the desktop is just one click away” from the Windows 8 Modern UI ignore an important point: You have to keep going back to the those tiles to do the things you once did with the Start menu. Can’t stand the Modern UI? Then get a Start menu add-on. Contact us for a start icon today.


Spam Mail Prevention Service

We have a scalable, reliable and affordable hosted antivirus and spam email protection service for Business and Residential Clients alike. Compatible with any email infrastructure, with highly effective cloud-based filtering that blocks spam and email-borne threats before they reach the network, this service also includes an integrated continuity feature.


Email continuity
The built-in integrated queuing and on-demand email service provides a simple yet highly valuable means by which customers can access email even when their own email infrastructure is offline – we can tell you that this is hugely valuable when customers have a need for it.

Scalability and reliability
The use of multiple systems at multiple datacenters means superior scalability and amazing reliability that you won’t get with an on-premise solution.

Industry-leading virus protection
This provides a unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defense and spam protection.

Easy and affordable
With a straightforward per-user-per-month pricing structure, no start-up costs and minimal or no training requirements, it’s not surprising that so many of our own customers are using this tool.

We will be happy to get you going with a FREE 30 day trial whenever you’re ready.

Click Here to contact us for more information.