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How to speed up your Mac

Few simple steps to speed up your Mac

Enterprise, creative or home user — everyone with a Mac should learn a few simple steps to speed up your Mac. This short collection provides an essential guide.

  1. Update the Mac

Apple releases new versions of OS X as free upgrades, New versions of OS X contain performance enhancements and security improvements to keep your Mac running smoothly and safely.

Check in periodically with the Updates tab of the Mac App Store for OS X updates, and don’t ignore notifications of updates that are ready to install.

  1. Activity Monitor

If your Mac acts like it needs a nap every afternoon, when you are at the height of multitasking, there is an easy way to see which of your open applications is using the most system resources. Open the Activity Monitor.

This illustrates how your Mac is running. Look at the CPU and Memory columns to see if you can recognize an application that seems to be demanding a lot from your system. If there is, just quit that app until next time you need it.

  1. Start up

Do you have any apps that launch themselves when you start up your Mac? Take a look in System Preferences> Users&Groups > Check for your User Name. Enter your password, and you can look at your LogIn items. Select any you don’t need to have start up automatically and tap the Minus – button to remove them from the Start up items list.

  1. Limit the visuals

Macs are great for visuals. All the same, to tweak a little more performance from your computer, you may want to switch some of those effects off.

In System Preferences>Dock uncheck the following sections:

  • Magnification
  • Animate opening applications
  • Automatically hide and show the Dock
  • And set Minimize windows using to Scale Effect.

You may also want to reduce transparency effects. This you can do in Settings> Accessibility > Display, check to Reduce Transparency.

  1. About this Mac

Mac OS has some really helpful built-in tools to help you boost Mac performance by getting rid of items you no longer need.

Open About this Mac in the Menu and tap Storage to access these. Wait a few moments, and you should see a visual representation that shows what is taking up space on your system.

That’s interesting, but to get to the tools tap Manage.

Here you’ll see a selection of different items (Mail, iTunes, iCloud Drive, among others). Tap these to get more information and to find app-specific recommendations. You’ll also see a Recommendations item. Tap this, and you’ll find a series of ideas to help you eliminate space wasting items from your Mac, likely to include:

  • Store in iCloud: Stores all your Photos images and videos in iCloud and lets you reduce the size of the collection kept on your Mac.
  • Optimize Storage: Enable this and in the future, iTunes movies and TV shows you’ve watched already won’t be kept on your Mac. Only recent Mail attachments will be stored on your Mac when storage is low.
  • Empty Trash Automatically: Anything in your Trash will be deleted after 30-days.
  • Reduce Clutter: This tool lets you explore and delete large files, downloads and other items from your Mac.
  1. Add RAM or Upgrade the Hardware

If you have tried all the methods listed above, but your Mac still works slowly. At this moment, you can consider upgrading the RAM to speed up your Mac. As known to us, the Mac computer is very expensive. Compared with getting a new Mac, upgrading your RAM is the simplest way to make your Mac run faster. If you have only one piece of RAM attached in your Mac, consider getting another one.

  1. Replace your Mac hard drive with an SSD

SSD stands for “Solid State Drive”, and an SSD drive is just the same shape and size as a traditional drive. The biggest difference between them is that an SSD drive uses RAM chips instead of a spinning hard disk to store information, which makes it much faster.

Moving from a traditional spinning hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) is the single best thing you can do to improve the performance of an ageing Mac.

I do hope these quick tips help you to speed up your Mac. If you would like to learn more please contact us today.




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