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Computer Repair in Sydney

Computer Repair in Sydney


Is your computer slow, buggy, or breaking down? Are you trying to complete everyday tasks, but getting sick of fighting with a computer that doesn’t work properly? If so, you need quality computer support.

Here at Reliable Computers, we understand just how frustrating computers can be, and it’s our goal to take the guesswork out of dealing with them. As such, we’re on a mission to make the computer repair process easier and more streamlined for our customers.

Whether you need virus removal, troubleshooting, or a simple tune-up, our team is here for you.

5 Signs You Need Computer Repair

 If your computer is acting funny, you need a qualified computer repair specialist to identify and resolve the problem. If you’ve experienced any of these five things, give us a call today:

  1. Your computer is slow to boot up, load pages, or download thing

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a molasses-slow computer. If yours has been running less than efficiently lately, it may be infected with a virus. Alternately, it may simply need a tune-up to return it to good working order.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, give us a call. We offer tune-up services that can help you restore your computer to full functionality quickly and easily.

  1. Your computer is randomly deleting data

A computer that dumps data is probably infected with a virus. If your computer has been deleting files, shutting down sporadically, or displaying strange error messages, it’s likely you’ve picked up some malware somewhere along the lines. Fortunately, this is a problem we can often resolve. Here at Reliable Computers, we offer virus removal services for our customers.

Viruses are more of a threat today than ever before, and our unique virus removal services are designed to help protect your data and keep your computer in good working order – both now and in the future.

  1. Your computer is having a problem you don’t understand

Even the simplest problems, like reappearing error messages, can be maddening when you can’t figure out how to make them stop. If your computer is facing an issue you can’t identify, and you’re getting more and more frustrated by the day, give us a call. We offer remote troubleshooting services designed to detect and resolve even the smallest computer issues, from bad software to an outdated operating system.

Don’t waste your time dealing with a frustrating computer problem any longer – contact us and troubleshoot the issue now.

  1. Your computer is out of date

If your computer isn’t equipped with modern software and the most recent OSX available, it’s going to run slowly and perform poorly. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our troubleshooting, tune-up, and virus removal services are ideal for all types of computer issues ranging from large to small.

  1. You need a custom computer repair package

While we’ve got a series of standard offerings in place to help our customers enjoy functional, efficient computers, we’re also happy to help develop any custom package you need. Contact us to discuss your needs, and develop a custom request with Reliable Computers today. Our primary objective is your satisfaction, and we’ll work with you to find a way to address your most urgent computer support and repair issues.

Reliable Computers: Experts in Fast and Efficient Computer Repair

When you need computer repair and support in Sydney that you can trust, give us a call. We understand how complicated computers can be to deal with, and we’re here to ensure that you get fast, friendly, and affordable service – on your schedule.

Contact us today to schedule your computer repair, put your computer issues behind you, and get back to living your life!


The Benefits of Onsite Computer Support Hurstville

Are you a business with a variety of systems and computers at your premises in Hurstvilleor anywhere in Sydney, or perhaps at multiple locations? If you are, then onsite computer support Hurstville could be just the right solution for you. That’s because, these systems and computers will surely malfunction and even break down at some stage. And that will almost surely hamper your productivity. What you need is immediate help, because you cannot afford this delay. Reliable Computers will give you fast reliable service.

Most businesses need computers to operate. You don’t have to be an IT firm to use them. Lawyers, travel agents, restaurants and hotels, transport lines, and everybody else need them. Sometimes they need it to bill clients, and sometimes they need computers to store, retrieve and use data. If your system is not working, it could mean that your shop is virtually closed. You could be losing out to competition. Can you afford this?

Why Onsite Computer Support in Hurstville

Onsite support means that we will be at your place to physically check your systems and diagnose the problem. We can give you telephone computer support in Hurstville as well for urgent attention. After that is done, we will make arrangements to visit your place really quick, within the same day. We have been offering same day onsite computer support in Hurstville for many years now. Quick action is very important here, because in many situations, a delay can be costly. We understand this and thus act quick always. You can always depend on Reliable Computers.

Onsite computer support Hurstville

Sure enough, you could have a inhouse support for troubleshooting computer issues. You will require a very experienced and skilled technician to troubleshoot variety of problems, that comes with a price tag. There could be a lot of things happening at your end. It’s always a better decision economically to give it to someone else, a company that has the expertise and experience of solving most computer related problems, provided of course they do a good job. Many of these companies won’t have the infrastructure, money, technology or manpower to fix all issues that can arise. For large companies, it could be an issue with the networking, back up, server, virus or anything else.

This is where you can depend on us. Whether it is MAC support Hurstville, internet security in Hurstville or whatever else, you will be able to depend on us for quick help always. Hundreds of businesses of all sizes and individuals too have depended on us. You can too. This is one reason why we have won so many awards over the years. Look at the many awards we have won over the years, and you’ll know just how valuable the community feels we are. In fact, we are today among the most preferred firms for onsite computer support in Hurstville.

Most of our technicians are Microsoft Certified & fully trained. The prices we offer are very competitive. You will be surprised at how competitive we are.


Computer Support in Peakhurst You Can Trust

Every business in Peakhurst or close to it, irrespective of its size, will require computer support in Peakhurst. And not just businesses, even individuals will need it as well. But of course, this is always of great importance for businesses. Downtime will surely bring down productivity, and if the business deals with customers face-up, then it’s certainly worse for them. A bad situation will not just turn customers away, but they could actually end up with competitors, a nightmare for most businesses. Can you afford to let this happen? Surely not!

The worst situation is that, you don’t ever know when there can be a computer problem. These issues tend to crop up at the most incorrect times, just when you have some urgent work to be done. Sometimes your computer could get extremely slow, and sometimes it may not switch on at all. Of course there could be a host of other problems too such as a virus challenge, something to do with internet security, networking problems, back up or others.

What you need is onsite computer support Hurstville or Peakhurst, a service that will be at your place quickly as soon as there is a problem.Reliable Computers offers quick service. All our technicians are extremely well qualified, certified and experienced professionals. We offer immediate computer support in Peakhurst over the phone to provide immediate assistance in an emergency.

Computer support Peakhurst

We will then send a learned and experienced technician to your place ASAP, usually within the same day, to look at the problem, diagnose it, and fix the issue. The person has years of experience in troubleshooting all sorts of problems. We have many such people here at Reliable Computers. Ask us for MAC support in Hurstville, internet security in Hurstville, and many other problems. Do please check out our range of services and some of the clients we have served.

It’s always best to have an annual contract with a support company. With an annual contract, the company can do regular maintenance jobs, and this will ensure that the chance of a break down or system malfunction goes down remarkably. As you can understand, regular maintenance will keep your system working that much better. So go for computer support in Peakhurst, ask for an annual contract. We would be most happy to comply.Of course there is no guarantee that nothing will go wrong again even after this. But then you will be reducing the risks substantially.

Technology is always changing. Often this can be overwhelming because it is changing very fast. The solutions of yesterday may not work today. Any good technician should be able to keep track of these latest changes happening and upgrade himself. It is almost always very difficult for small to mid-sized firms to stay up to date. But a professional computer support in Peakhurst firm will always do that, because it is their business, and they must care about it well. They must do so for their own sake.

Reliable Computers is the name you can trust.



Cleaning Computer Systems in Peakhurst

Every computer owner or operator should know how to clean their computer systems. That’s because, its performance might vary, depending on how well you are looking after it every day. Remember, if you are not taking good care, then you’ll definitely not be getting peak performance. For instance, the speed is definitely going to get slower. It’s best that you seek professional help for your computer systems in Peakhurst. But having said this, there are some things you can do yourself too for improving its performance. Here are some tips you’ll find most handy.

Delete the Temporary Internet Files

When you visit websites online, data gets stored inside your computer. These files are supposed to help you access websites you have visited already or the ones you go to frequently. However if you are online for a lot of time, then your computer can soon have a lot of these files, and this is going to considerably slow down your internet browsing experience. Information stored in your computer might also get exposed on the internet.

Temporary internet files can be deleted easily. So you should be able to do it yourself without much help.

Cleaning and Fixing Windows Registry

If you have seen a few registry errors, or if you have been facing problems in program loading, then you’ll probably have to clean up the Windows registry. The registry keeps data of everything happening in your computer, like data about websites you visit and programs installed. There can be errors as data piles up. The loading time could get slower.

Computer Systems Peakhurst

Cleaning the Windows registry is however a more complicated task. If you are not trained adequately for this sort of work, then you might end up making a costly mistake. This job is indeed best left to the experts. You can call Reliable Computers for this and all your computer systems in Peakhurst, such as PC support in Hurstville, laptop support in Hurstville and more. Reliable Computers has been helping both individuals and businesses in the area for many years now.

Simple Ways of Cleaning Your Computer Systems in Peakhurst

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are some other simple ways of keeping your computers clean. For instances you could transfer all those videos, music, games and files to a DVD or CD. This is going to free up space and make your computer faster. And this is going to help you manage the files better too. Empty the recycle bin once in a while. Uninstall the programs that you don’t use or use rarely. You may also want to clean your desktop by moving files into specific folders. If you need them on the desktop, then create shortcuts of these folders.

And finally, do make sure that your computer is free of any malware or spyware. They can be dangerous. Ask for help from Reliable Computers for removing such threats. A certified and experienced technician can clean up your computer systems in Peakhurst and do much more.


Top 4 Most Common Computer Problems

If you have used a computer, whether it’s a desktop or laptop, then you have surely faced problems. Most people believe that a computer’s life is about three or four years, or even less sometimes. Not necessarily. It can easily last for up to 6 years or even more, provided of course you are taking good care of it. If you can extend its life, it would save you a lot of money of course.

Here are some common computer problems in Hurstville and elsewhere people face.

Problem #1 – Slow Performance

This is the most common problem most people face. A new computer is lightning fast. But it can begin to slow down soon enough. There are many reasons for this, for the #1 has got to be poor maintenance. Spyware, programs you don’t need, corrupted registry, and fragmented data can make your computer crawl. Just cleaning up the registry can speed it up by 30%. Ask for PC and laptop support in Hurstville from Reliable Computers for speeding up your system.

Problem #2 –Freezes, Lockup and Blue Screens

This is a more serious matter. You’ll have to diagnose to find the cause. But you should know that usually this happens because of some spyware. Run the anti-spyware program every day. But it might so happen that your computer comes out clean after the scan, even though the anti-spyware program is updated. This does not mean that your computer is free of these devious things. Ask for spyware and malware removal from Reliable Computers. This company will use advanced programs to completely clean your system. All computer problems in Hurstville will be solved.

Computer problems Hurstville

Problem #3 –Computer Reboots or Turns Itself Off

This is usually an issue with the hardware. Probably the power supply is about to die. It can also be caused because of a defective or dirty cooling fan. Your computer will try to cool itself by switching off automatically. You might want to try cleaning the fan yourself or ensuring that it’s working properly. Do also check the power supply. However these jobs are best left to experts, because they are doing such things every day. A trained and experienced professional can detect these computer problems in Hurstville immediately and fix it. Not only will you save time, you’ll also save a lot of hassles.

Problem #4 –Strange Vibrations and Noises

You can be almost certain that this is an issue with the hardware. There are thousands of parts within your computer, and one of them could have come out. The wires can expand because of overheating and melt. Electronic components can cause high pitch noises like whining or squealing.

Those who are not trained in hardware should never remove the case to investigate, whether it’s a small issue or a more serious one. The warranty goes immediately if an unauthorized person opens it. Ask for PC support in Hurstville from Reliable Computers. All your computer problems in Hurstville will be investigated thoroughly and solved quickly.


5 Questions to Ask Your PC repair services

Those who offer PC repair services in Peakhurst or anywhere else are much like doctors. When you give a call, a technician from the company will first analyze the condition of your PC, diagnose what the problem is, tell you what has to be fixed, and then fix the issue. And just like you must do with a doctor, you should always hire a qualified and experienced technician for your computer systems. Don’t ever neglect your PC or laptop, just like you shouldn’t neglect your health. It can be a costly mistake.

Here are some questions you must ask the firm offering you IT support in Peakhurst.

Question – What services they offer.

Answer – Not all service companies will offer all services. Some of them specialize in PC repair services in Peakhurst, there are those who excel in network or server issues, some are involved particularly with machine cleanup and virus fighting, there are those who excel at recovery and backup, while others will mostly work with accessories such as printers. What can be your service areas? Where is it likely that you’ll face a problem? Get your answers before hiring.

pc repair services in Peakhurst

Question – Is the company authorized and licensed?

Answer – Not all companies are authorized or licensed. Reliable Computers is Apple Mac Authorised Repairer, so you can safely go with them for your laptop repairs services in Hurstville and PC repair services in Peakhurst. Reliable Computers will give you standardized services that Apple is happy with. That’s what you need. But this cannot be said for all the service providers in the area. So you’ll want to be sure here before proceeding any further.

Question – Will the firm offer same day service if required?

Answer – Your PC or laptop could be directly related to performance, particularly for those who are into business. So any downtime means that you are losing out. And not just that, your clients are missing out too, and some of them at least can look elsewhere. You’ll agree, it’s not a pleasant thought. This means that, it’s essential that you receive quick service. Check whether the IT support in Peakhurst service is offering quick service, preferably same day service.

Question – Will the service sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement”?

Answer – Technicians will often have to closely work with your PC, laptop and other systems. So they will have access to not just the machines, but will probably also be able to access the files and folders inside them that probably contains critical data. Plus, if they are taking backup, then they will have access to it all. So you need to be able to trust the service. You can make them sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement”. Find out whether they are willing to do that.

Question – What are the methods they use for repairing?

Answer – Different techniques can be used. Find out the methods they use and then check their feasibility. Also ask for the reason why they are using these methods. Plus, you have to find out whether there is going to be any warranty on what they have fixed.


Laptop Repair Services for Maximizing Productivity

Laptop has emerged as a very important device in recent times. In fact these days, according to statistics, laptops are selling at a faster pace than desktops. It has been predicted that over the next decade or a bit more than that, laptops would eventually replace almost all desktops. And for good reasons too! You can after all travel with them, which means that, you can carry your work to virtually anywhere. So you don’t have to store your data into an external device or upload it into the cloud.

Laptops can be used for virtually anything, for any activity that you could accomplish with the desktop. You can browse the Internet and accomplish your official tasks. But like the desktop, the laptop too can have problems. In fact, these are much more sensitive gadgets. Even a slight nick can cause injury and this can damage the data inside as well. If this happens, you need to look for laptop repairs services in Hurstville urgently. Don’t neglect this. It can minimize your productivity, and in fact, may even halt all the activities. Your machine can crash and you might lose all the important data that is stored inside it.

And of course, you might need to hire a computer service in Hurstville that can provide laptop, desktop and network help in many other situations as well.

Don’t Ever Ignore the Condition of Your Laptop

The fact is that, many people who use laptops often neglect the laptop’s slow performance. That’s not what you should do, because if it’s working slow, then it can slow down or reduce your productivity as well. It could be working slowly because of many reasons. This could be because of redundant startup programs. The registry files could have become corrupt. There could be a virus or malware that might also slow you down. In fact, your laptop could even come to a screeching halt if some applications on it are outdated. You’ll then have to upgrade them.

laptop repairs services in Hurstville

These are some areas where professional PC repair services in Peakhurst such as Reliable Computers can help you. Never neglect your laptop or its condition. Don’t delay it so much that it becomes a pressing or urgent issue. Take corrective action now.

Here are some laptop repairs services in Hurstville you can get from us.

  • Installation of new software.
  • Configuring email settings, Office suite or Internet.
  • Detecting and removing all types of malicious programs.
  • Installation of antivirus and antispyware.
  • Optimizing the performance of your laptop.
  • Windows upgrade.
  • Data back up and recovering the lost data if any. 

The most amazing thing about Reliable Computers is that, you can avail of our laptop, network, and PC repair services in Peakhurst at pocket-friendly prices. We charge the most competitive prices. Plus, you can expect immediate response from us – we offer same day service and telephone consultation as well. So this means that we address your problems and concerns without delay. Try our computer service in Hurstville. You will see the difference we can make.


Benefits of IT Support Services

Any business that has multiple computers and many systems running will require several IT support services. IT support in Peakhurst from a service is definitely going to make life that much easier. This can be related directly to business performance as well.

IT of Information Technology has successfully penetrated into the mainstream for most businesses now. But it’s essential to have the perfect IT system to gain the most from it. Small businesses often don’t have the manpower, technology, money and infrastructure to do everything on their own. It would be better to outsource the support system. If you are looking for IT consulting in Hurstville, you can go for Reliable Computers. The firm has been offering same day service to hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses and individuals too for several years now.

it support in Peakhurst

It’s a bit different for large companies. They have to manage a lot of data flows, must take ever-expanding backup, and must manage the servers within the stipulated budget. It gets more critical if the business is using technologies and applications from different providers. A downtime of just 15 minutes can be very costly for a large business. It can spoil customer confidence and cause long-term damage. A good way of solving this problem is by outsourcing to a company that can manage everything efficiently. Make that company responsible for your systems and accountable. You will have peace of mind. Reliable Computers serves many big companies across several industries in the region.

Your life is going to become much simpler when you outsource to a technical firm. They are going to take care of all the issues, both the regular ones and those that are really urgent. Once that is settled, you can rest assured and spend time in running the business and making it grow. Your clients are also not going to be hassled needlessly. But do make sure that you select a good company. You should be able to depend on the firm that provides you IT support in Peakhurst, because they are after all the experts.

If there’s an issue, then the computer service in Hurstville you choose will take all the trouble to find out the trouble, what’s causing it, and will then do everything possible to fix it ASAP. They are going to implement the entire technical knowledge they have and experience.

But remember one thing. You should make sure that the IT consulting in Hurstville you choose is offering you quick service. After all, can you afford to wait for too long? Probably not! Reliable Computers offers same day service. Plus, the company also offers immediate telephone consultation as well. You’ll find that this is most valuable in many urgent situations. Reliable Computers is a one call solution firm for all your computer needs. Check out the many awards we have won over the years, and you’ll know just how valuable the community feels we are.

All technicians are Microsoft Certified & fully trained. The rates are most competitive.


Qualities You Should Consider Before Hiring a Computer Repair Service

We all use desktops, laptops, MAC and other devices now. But we have all faced situations where they are not working properly. And sometimes these gadgets can crash too. This could happen to anyone. It’s thus essential that you are in touch with somebody with the technical knowledge to fix these issues. There could be various reasons behind the crash or the slow performance. It could be hardware malfunction, an issue with the operating system or something to do with a virus attack.

Computer service in Peakhurst can fix the problem in the city. Reliable Computers serves individuals and businesses across many industries – architects, those in the construction business, accountants and bookkeepers, photographers, those into real estate, legal professionals, those in the hotel & hospitality industry and others. What are you into? Reliable Computers could help you too if you are looking for IT support in Peakhurst.

It’s always good to be careful when you are hiring PC repair services in Peakhurst or for that matter anywhere else in the world. Here are some qualities you should always check in the company or technician before hiring.

computer service in Peakhurst

Reputation – Obviously, this is bound to be the first thing you must check. Check the reviews. Ask for testimonials. Find out whether they are happy to inform you about the clients they have served. Find out how open they are to you contacting any of their clients to check the reputation. A good computer service in Peakhurst shouldn’t have any problems about this. If the company is active in the local community, then perhaps you can find out more about them at online forums. If most of them are recommending the service, then you can go for them. Reliable Computers has received many testimonials from happy clients over the years. You can read them at the company website.

Quality of Service – Of course you should check the quality of service offered by the IT support in Peakhurst firm you are thinking of hiring. It’s definitely an important factor. Find out whether the technicians are experienced with the complexities of the problem you are facing. Remember, not everybody is an expert in everything. They should also be able to suggest cheap and viable solutions. Reliable Computers employs technicians for specific areas. So you can be sure that you’ll find somebody who has specific knowledge and experience.

Experience – Finally you should check the experience of the PC repair services in Peakhurst you have shortlisted. For how long have they been in business? How many clients have they served? How many clients have they been able to retain over several months or years. What is the total number of years their technicians have been serving clients? Finding answers to these questions will tell you how experienced they are. You don’t have to work with a firm that’s not that experienced.

Reliable Computers has been offering computer service in Peakhurst for several years now to hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses and individuals too in the region. You can depend on them for your laptops, desktops, MAC’s and other systems.


Repair and Upgrade – Advantages of a Computer Service in Hurstville

A computer service in Hurstville or for that matter anywhere in the world, can offer a range of services. Provided it’s a good service of course. But among them all, there are two services that stand out in importance – they are repair and upgrade.

Repair – Computer systems, laptops, desktops, networks, and even servers in large business settings can malfunction. They can get damaged critically as well. Don’t blame them – these are machines and equipment after all, which can break down just like everything else. In fact, these things happen all the time across the world. What you need is a repair service that can diagnose the exact problem accurately and quickly, and offer the right solution that will last for a considerable time, because businesses can do without such issues cropping up frequently. The solution offered should also be practical and affordable because most businesses will have a budget set out for these events.

Upgrade – Another important function of a computer service in Hurstville is carrying out upgrades. Applications in the computer or system have to be upgraded from time to time. For instance, it is essential to have the latest version of the antivirus program. Your connected systems could be under threat because viruses and other malwares are continuously being upgraded. So you must upgrade your defense mechanism as well. Plus, you will have to take action if a license of a program or application is expiring. These things happen all the time too.

computer service in Hurstville

There would of course be many other requirements for a business, whether it’s a large, mid-sized or a small one. For instance, the desktops or laptops, or both, might not be working all that well. They could be working slow, thus bringing productivity down. A business will never want this to happen. No problem, because there are desktop and laptop repairs services in Hurstville that can take care of such issues. Just give us a call, or fill out the short form online. Reliable Computers will be happy to offer you free consultation. Just let us know the service area where you need help.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is. Reliable Computers can provide the technical support you need. We offer same day service and telephone support to take care of your immediate needs. We are Microsoft certified and Apple Mac Authorised. This means, you can depend on us. Hundreds of businesses of all sizes have been depending on our PC repair services in Peakhurst for many years now. You can depend on us too. We won’t ever let you down.

We have trained and certified technicians with years of experience in most of the service areas. We also make sure that all our technicians are upgraded themselves so that they are well aware of the latest developments happening in technology. This is very important because technology is changing rapidly.

Don’t try to fix the problem on your own. It could be very risky. Most people are just users. They don’t have the technical expertise or even the tools required to solve the problem. Try out laptop repairs services in Hurstville and PC repair services in Peakhurst.